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     Nictrition.com is an all in one Nutrition and Fitness web site which is interactive and informative. This site provides

  • Nutrition and fitness information on a variety of topics, based on the most current research.
  • Nutrition/fitness consultations with a registered and licensed dietitian and certified exercise instructor, via the web and phone.

    I am Nicole Schillinger RD, LDN. I have worked as a clinical and long term care dietitian in several hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities on the East Coast, with experience in managerial and assistant director roles. As a dietitian I was able to use Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) to help individuals with several diseases, disorders or surgeries. I also teach different types of aerobics and strength training in fitness clubs in the Philadelphia Pa area. For more on my background please view my resume via the link below.

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    I've created this site for you! With easy steps to start the nutrition and/or fitness consultations you will be on your way to a healthier you in no time. I will teach you how to incorporate health and wellness into your life. I will personally analyze your daily consumption (food & fluid intake), energy output (exercises) and determine where changes are needed to achieve the goals we set! I believe in healthy eating by choosing a variety of foods, consuming in moderation and eating balanced meals. This is easier to say than do, this is why I am here to help you learn proper nutrition. I can teach you how to eat well balanced meals that taste great and are affordable, accessible and are good for you!

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